Jonas Dellinger


Discover Backup

A webapp for scheduled backups of a single spotify playlist (e.g Discover Backup, Release Radar)



Spotify did something great with Release Radar and Discover Weekly. However, if you're not fast enough within the week, you may lose all of your wonderful tracks and never will find them again. Dude to already missing quite a few weeks, I decided to create a service which takes care of the backup process. User can login via the spotify oauth2 provider and select their respective playlist. They can also decide how the playlist is backuped:

  • Create a new playlist
  • Append to an existing playlist
  • Add to "My Music" in spotify
  • Save in database on the website

After that, the service takes over and backups the selected playlist in a weekly manner.

Screenshot of the discover-backup settings


  • NodeJS
  • WebSockets - Socket.IO
  • RethinkDB