Jonas Dellinger


Viewergames Noserino

A streamer tool to host viewer games for the game OverWatch.

A friend of mine is an enthusiastic OverWatch streamer, who often makes so called viewer games with his viewers. To make the process of making balanced teams easier, this webapp was created. On the right side, a waiting queue exists where everyone can join, as long as they logged in via the blizzard oauth server and filled out some overwatch details. The host/streamer can then move people, often based on their preffered role and rank, to the blue/red team. Once the game is over, he can clear the teams with a single click of a button.

The host/streamer can also switch between viewer and subscriber mode. In viewer mode, everyone can join the waiting queue. In subscriber mode, only currently subscribed people can join the queue.

Due to high request, a rewrite is planned to support multiple different streamers at the same time.

console image


  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • Realtime WebSockets
  • VueJS